Welcome to Pathway to Peace

Many of us are dealing with overwhelm, stress, job losses, financial concerns, fatigue, physical, mental and emotional issues. Especially with Covid moving into the 2nd wave, self doubt, fear and uncertainty raises more concerns that can immobilize us into further stress. Holistic Energy Sessions can help ease and assist moving forward day to day, staying as present as possible. Our bodies are great at holding onto unresolved emotional issues. Blockages held at the emotional level cause physical distress, discomfort and disease. Science is now beginning to recognize that certain emotions, when not expressed, can contribute to the development of disease in the body. By assisting the body release these trapped energies, we begin to help the body to heal physically and emotionally..

Working with Patty, you will begin to experience a sense of release and relief. You will feel lighter, more present, calmer and centered. You will have more energy and experience healthier emotions. Most importantly, you will have the clarity you need to move forward in the most positive ways in your life.

Distance and in-person appointments are available! For in-person visits, your safety is important, and covid-19 protocols (screening, protective equipment, cleaning and sterilization) have been implemented. If you are uncertain about a personal visit, please speak to Patty to book a distance appointment as an alternative.

Prior to your appointment, simply review the screening document to ensure you do not have any of the most-known symptoms of COVID-19 - if you answered "no" to all questions, we will see you at your appointment! Please wear a mask to your appointment.


“Within each heart there is a place of peace.”